If you are entertaining a crowd over the Easter holidays but not sure where to start with planning, then our easy-to-follow timeplan should offer some relief. From engaging the kids in fun foodie crafts and egg hunts to putting on a spectacular Easter lunch spread, we’ve got all your catering needs covered. One week’s prep time is all you need to get ahead and ensure you still have time to enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

One week to go

Chocolate brownies bites on a tray topped with smarties

Plan for the school holidays

With all that free time ahead, give kids something fun and engaging to keep their little hands busy. Baking projects are perfect for learning new skills, stretching creative muscles and making something tasty for Easter that the whole family can enjoy.

Fun for the school holidays…

Four days to go

Buy your Easter eggs

Selection of luxury Easter eggs in packaging

Shops are flooded with tantalising chocolate eggs, bunnies and the occasional woodland creature at this time of year. So how do you sort the best from the rest? Whether you want an egg that’s ideal for kids, dark chocolate lovers or fans of something a little different, you’ll find it in our Easter egg review.

Buy the best…

Three days to go

Child hunting for easter eggs

Plan your Easter egg hunt

It’s an essential part of Easter celebrations for kids and grown-ups alike: the Easter egg hunt. Gather your chocolate bunnies and eggs for a hunt of epic proportions! We’ve written a handy guide complete with printable clues, ideas for hiding places and recipes for treats with a twist.

Let the search commence…

Two days to go

Chocolate easter eggs with white chocolate stripes

Make your own Easter egg

Just how easy is it to create your own beautiful egg? What kind of chocolate is best for moulding? Do you need any special equipment? We’ve answered all these questions and more…

Get crafty…

One day to go

7 things you’ve never done with a hot cross bun

Make your hot cross buns

Hot cross buns are a staple bake for any Easter celebration. We’ve assembled not just the best hot cross bun recipes from our collections, but tips from the experts and even things to do with any leftovers at risk of going stale.

Buns at the ready…

Good Friday

Salmon en croute on a board

Fancy fish feast

Fish is traditionally eaten on Good Friday. If you’re planning a feast, be sure to take inspiration from our fish recipes and expert cooking tips.

Plan your Good Friday menu…

Easter weekend

Easter Sunday lunch spread

Easter lunch and drinks

Easter Sunday is one of the highlights of the roast calendar. Plan your feast with help from our recipe ideas. We have meat and vegetarian inspiration alike…

Plan your Sunday spread…

Easter Monday

Ring of Easter cookies


Love your leftovers

In the aftermath of golden foil and broken bunnies, chances are you’ll be left with a whole load of leftover Easter chocolate. Turn your spare chunks into engaging projects for kids and scrumptious shareable bakes.

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