This photo proves the phrase should be “like a squirrel in headlights.”

'Caught In The Act' by Mary McGowan Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards
“Woah, woah, woah …” 

Courtesy of Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

This squirrel was definitely unprepared for whatever it just saw. The photo, taken by Mary McGowan, was the overall winner of the 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

This panda plays in the snow better than most humans.

panda bear funny
Young Panda Su Lin takes a roll in the snow at the San Diego Zoo. 

Karl Drilling / Barcroft USA / Getty Images

This is how all snow days should be celebrated.

This beluga whale is camera-ready.

beluga whale
A young girls reacts as she is greeted by Juno, a 15-year-old male beluga whale. 

Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

Juno knows how to work his angles.

This fox has perfect aim.

comedy wildlife fox
Nature calls. 

Douglas Croft/CWPA/Barcroft Images

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

One way dogs and humans are alike — we react to bubbles in the same way.

dog bubble surprise

Connie Fore/Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards

This photo was part of Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards, which celebrate pets and the best photos of them.

We can only wonder what their daily conversations are about.

Seems important. 

Stasys Povilaitis/Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards

In the time of the coronavirus, this seems like a pretty solid way to communicate.

This image, called “How are you, my neighbour?” was also part of 2019’s Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards.

This is an epic selfie.

best friends horses humans
Smile for the camera. 

George Bain/Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards

Just say “Cheese!”

This was another stand-out photo from 2019’s Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards.

Here’s some epic side-eye courtesy of Elwood the dog.

elwood dog
A dog named Elwood is seen during the 18th annual World’s Ugliest Dog competition. 

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Elwood is seen here competing at the World’s Ugliest Dog competition.

This seal has the ultimate disgusted face.

comedy wildlife seals
This is a look of shock and awe. 

George Cathcart/CWPA/Barcroft Images

They’re shocked by some intense gossip — seals are just like us.

This ostrich is ready for his close-up.

unamused ostrich

Tony Margiocchi / Barcroft Media / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

As Tyra Banks would say, this ostrich needs to learn to “smize” — smile with your eyes.

This rhino is wearing a tutu … or a peacock is conveniently right behind it.

"Rhinopeacock" by Kallol Mukherjee. Courtesy of Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

Courtesy of Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

How trendy.

This photo’s called “Chest Bump.”

Thomas Mangelsen_Chest Bump_00002439
“Chest Bump.” 

© Thomas Mangelsen/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019

That’s a brave little penguin.

Who among us hasn’t wanted to just grab their birthday cake and chow down?

gorilla birthday cake
The gorilla Fatou eats a birthday cake at the Berlin Zoo. 

Axel Schmidt/Reuters

This is proof that primates and humans really aren’t that different.

You can see the darndest things on the streets of NYC.

dog owner halloween parade
A dog and its owner during the 28th Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade. 


It’s not every day you see a Tyrannosaurus rex walking their dog.

This polar bear just wants to say hello.

polar bear wavin
Hi buddy. 

Steven Kazlowski / Barcroft Media / Getty Images

What a polite polar bear — not like these bears that took over an entire town in Russia.

These two flamingos combine to make a heart.

flamingo heart
True love. 


They complete each other.

This little guy is definitely unamused.

dog pride parade
Celebrating NYC Pride. 


We’ve all seen that look when we wake up our parents from a nap.

OJ is too cool for school.

dog sunglasses
A dog named OJ wears sunglasses as he stands on the Embarcadero with his owner in San Francisco. 

Robert Galbraith/Reuters

Even dogs can rock the tiny sunglasses trend.

This dog knows where he’s supposed to relieve himself.

The dog toilet
A dog’s toilet is a good invention. 

Western Mail and Echo/Mirrorpix/Getty Images

If only every dog was this well trained.

Flynn is more excited than his owner to win the Westminster Dog Show.

westminster 2018
Flynn the Bichon Frise poses after winning Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club. 


That is a look of pure joy.

There are two elephants in this photo — the real one, and the one hiding in the water splash.

elephant splash
Do you see them both? 

Courtest of RailTieYardGame

They’re twins.

This dog is sneaking a treat while his friend is distracted.

Dog Eating Ice Cream Cone Hidden Behind Boy's Back
Sidewalk drama. 

Bettmann/Contributor via Getty Images

Ice cream is never safe around pups.

This pup knows how to travel in style.

Give A Dog A Ride
A great hitchhiker. 

Fox Photos/Getty Images

The best way to get across the park …

Is it a dog or a mop?

This dog breed is a Komondor. 


The mop-like coat of the Komondor requires daily grooming.

Tom Hardy wasn’t ready for this slobbery kiss.

tom hardy dog
Tom Hardy and his co-star Rocco from “The Drop” pose. 

Charles Sykes/Invision/AP Images

Don’t worry — Hardy is a well-documented dog lover. He’s also specifically in good company with other celebrities who love pit bulls.

This little guy is checking out his friend’s butt.

USA - California - Los Angeles - Chihuahua
Just making sure everything’s okay. 

Pictures Ltd./Corbis via Getty Images

What are friends for?

This gives a whole new meaning to the expression “working like a dog.”

dog typewriter
A busy day. 

John Pratt/Getty Images

This dog looks like it procrastinates with the best of us.

Squirrels, apparently, are a lot more flexible than we thought.

"Split" by Geert Weggen. Courtesy of Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

Doing the splits. 

Courtesy of Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

This squirrel is more coordinated than most people.

A conveniently placed bird makes it seem like this bear is about to take flight.

wildlife comedy awards
This bear is about to fly off. 

Adam Parsons / Barcroft Images

He also definitely resembles our favorite flying elephant, Dumbo.

This pelican needs to work on his aim.

comedy wildlife awards
So close. 

Nicolas de Vaulx / Barcroft Images

This fish clearly wasn’t ready to go just yet.

Linda the llama is getting a smooch from her new friend.

llama kiss
A young boy kisses Linda the llama. 

Three Lions/Getty Images

Would you kiss a llama?

Giraffes are tall, but not this tall.

comedy wildlife giraffe
It’s an optical illusion. 

Graeme Guy/CWPA/Barcroft Images

Forced perspective is to blame here.

You can almost hear exactly what this photo must sound like.

donkey screaming
Donkeys are known for their braying. 

Ingo Barth/ullstein bild via Getty Image

This donkey is not holding back.

Owls also get grossed out by their friends’ PDA.

comedy wildlife owls
A burrowing owlet is embarrassed by the kissing behind him in Salton Sea, California. 

Melissa Usrey/CWPA/Barcroft Images

PDAs, or public displays of affection, are uncomfortable for all members of the animal kingdom, even owls.

This photo was taken right as this human was getting a little kiss.

Surf City Surf Dogs strut their stuff in Huntington Beach
James Wall gets a good-luck kiss from his pit bull, Faith, before competing in the Surf City Surf Dog competition on September 25, 2021. 

MediaNews Group/Getty Images

Just a little boop.

Who among us hasn’t felt like our mom is dragging us out of bed and to school like this?

An otter carries a baby otter by the skin of its neck.
“Time For School” by Chee Kee Teo. 

Chee Kee Teo/

This is one of the finalists fromt the 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

This kangaroo looks like he’s serenading the Australian outback.

A kangaroo leaning back with its arms in the air, as if it were singing in an opera.
“Operatic Warm Ups” by Lea Scaddan. 

Lea Scaddan/

Photographer Lea Scaddan called this one “Operatic Warm Ups.”

These two kitties took “put your heads together” to a whole new level.

An orange cat and a white cat butt heads.
Or are they butting heads? 


© Kenichi Morinaga/Animal Friends Comedy Pets

One of this year’s Comedy Pet Photography Awards finalists was this photo by Kenichi Morinaga, entitled “Boom Boom.”

This horse’s smile is so bright we need shades.

Two horses in a barn, one of which has its mouth open wide.
Say cheese. 

© Radim Filipek/Animal Friends Comedy Pets

This photo, “Happy Horses” by Radim Filipek, is another finalist.

Not even nature’s smartest creature, the cat, can figure out modern technology.

A cat examines a phone on a tripod.
“Now, How Do I Upload My Pics?” by Kenichi Morinaga. 

© Kenichi Morinaga/Animal Friends Comedy Pets

This feline could probably use a tip from Kylie Jenner or Jennifer Lopez.


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