1. This dog who’s dressed as Marty McFly from Bark to the Future:

the dog wearing the same outfit and sitting next to a hover board

2. I love this, but I’m a little worried about them flying away like the actual house from Up:

small dog in a house with balloons tied to it

3. This scruffy lil’ dream haunter:

dog dressed as freddy from the halloween movie

4. Absolutely starstruck to be in the presence of Paw-casso himself:

small dog wearing a beret and surrounded by art supplies

5. This case of wiener dog-ception:

6. This pug dressed up as the little devil on your shoulder:

7. This real life Beanie Baby:

8. You shall not pass…without giving Gandog some scratchies:

dog dressed in a robe and hat

9. This kissing booth pup that already has its first customer:

dog dressed as a kissing booth

10. This one is a personal favorite because I love when dogs have jobs:

dog is a mailman

11. It’s nice to see them even pretend to contribute to the bills:

dog dressed as a ups driver

12. “Here, we have a rotisserie puppy,” is a sentence I never expected to say:

13. The (good) boy who lived:

dog dressed as harry potter

14. Honestly, I’d trust him to fly a plane:

dog with wings dressed as a plane

15. Could it be…the Taco Bell dog??:

dog dressed as taco

16. I just know this dog loves their costume because it comes with a big stick that they get to carry around with pride:

small dog dressed as a witch with a stick that's a broom

17. I’m obsessed with this magnificently majestic Maleficent:

18. I would 100% do this costume for my dog if I weren’t positive he’d eat the wig within seconds:

dog dressed as a grandma with a grey curly wig

19. This sad little mushroom:

20. This ghostly good boy:

21. And finally, the best dog costume of all time:

dog wearing a costume that looks like another dog is behind him to help carry a present

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