Travel makes you feel the most alive. Each time you travel, it’s merely a new experience altogether. Traveling is not just limited to moving from place to place but all the experiences you get, cultures you adapt to, life learnings you take, and memories you create along the way. Besides that, travel turns you into a blogger, photographer, and whatnot. There are SO MANY travel bloggers out there who churn out beautiful blogs and content with every experience they get and inspire you in a million ways. Of which, we have put together 10 U.S. travel bloggers for you.

If you are looking to visit places and need some inspiration from someone already acing it, we have made your search simpler. The below stories and pictures are just perfect which would surely inspire you to travel by the end of the article if not already.

‘The one with the 10 travel bloggers in the U.S.’

Below is nothing but a handpicked list of 10 travel bloggers in the U.S. whose pictures themselves are enough to awaken the traveler in you.

1. Kiersten Rich

You are reading about an inspirational traveler who had left her job just to travel and explore things. Not even kidding. The love she has for travel took her to almost 70 countries now and the urge today doesn’t seem any lower than yesterday and any higher than tomorrow. She is an award-winning traveler who keeps amazing all her followers with photography, fashion, paw-sitive vibes that she spreads, and a new perception of life well-narrated, in every country she travels to. She is not just an inspirational traveler but an amazing self-made female who has turned The Blonde Abroad into a multi-level business with affiliate programs, social media marketing and consulting, and digital content creation.

One quick tip. Be prepared to handle Bailey’s cuteness while you scroll down her posts.

Have a sneak-peek into Kiersten Rich’s blogs. Would like to get more inspiration? – The first step is to follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. When you connect with her, call her Kiki. She loves to be called by this name.

2. Jessica Festa

The love for travel is infectious so are Jessica’s (aka Jessie) positive vibes and smile. Just going through her handles would give such vibes and a widened smile of course. If traveling your heart out is an art, Jessica is the Picasso of it. Jessie Festa is an award-wining female solo traveler in the name of Jessieonajourney. Maybe she grew up traveling to a few destinations, she wanted to pursue it full-time. Whatever. But it is a happily ever after for Jessica with travel. She has started this crazy journey of hers by being a student learning about travel blogging to a travel blogger teaching students now.

What does Jessieonajourney give you? You will find various adventures that Jessica takes, blogs about every place, tips for travel, and some courses for all the amateur female travelers out there.

Give these blogs a read written by someone who believes life is a journey and makes sure it’s a happy one for herself and others as well. Get to know Jessie more on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.



3. Lee Abbamonte

Lee Abbamonte likes to travel. But you know what? He has already earned a name for himself and gets featured in many channels and magazines. Lee is the youngest person to visit every country on earth and the North and the South poles. He makes it to the list of most traveled people having covered 193 UN states and 321 countries so far. You might think he is a full-time traveler to achieve such numbers but there is so much more about Lee Abbamonte that will surprise you. From being an employee in corporate finance and energy and wealth management, he is now an entrepreneur, a multimedia travel personality, travel expert and a blogger, brand ambassador, and global adventurer. Though he has visited SO many destinations, he is still looking for destinations to vacation in.

Are you curious to know how he managed to do so many things, all at once? Ask him yourself. Follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter and you will never run short of destination ideas.


4. Kristin Luna

Trying out to find a balance between your career, travel, and family? – Kristin Luna does it just right! She shares her adventures in the name of Camels & Chocolate and creative content for people who are looking for travel ideas. Kristin is a journalist by profession and also co-own three companies with her husband. You might think her day, week and year can pretty much be occupied with these but Kristin’s feed says otherwise. She exactly knows how to find the perfect balance between things and travels 150 days a year. She is one of those active travelers, who loves her vacation just adventuresome. Why don’t you check out Kristin Luna’s blogs and get inspired to pursue your dream job? Ask your questions to Kristin Luna on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and start your own travel blogging site.


5. Amanda Williams

A journalist turned into an award-winning travel blogger is a quick one-liner about Amanda Williams, the person behind A Dangerous Business. Being a huge fan of ‘Lord of the Rings’, Amanda badly wanted to visit New Zealand and had started planning for her first vacation after graduation during her high school (A vacation planned very well in advance). She had that dream vacation of hers with her mom and little did she know that their vacation to New Zealand would be the starting point to an endless adventure she is going to take. She has now traveled to almost 60 countries. As much as Amanda likes to travel all over the world, she also loves the comfort of home and has been perfectly balancing her work and life well. Isn’t that something you have been looking for?

Get some inspiration from Amanda’s blogs and make sure you follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for some pro-trips.


6. Matt Long

The man behind Landlopers – Matt Long. But who is he? What does he do? Matt describes himself as a normal person who lives with dogs in a house and has a passion for travel. The one thing about Matt that stands out is that he took that first step and turned his passion into a profession. He finds his blogs as a place where he can put his perspectives into words. And trust me, they are not only interesting but informative as well. As his name ‘Landlopers’ suggests, Matt Long is a true wanderer who finds travel fun and makes sure his followers see it that way too. Are you ready to explore the world with Matt? You can find him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, helping people experience the life he has been having.


7. Colleen Lanin

A happy family that travels – Still a dream for many. Let’s see how Colleen Lanin and her family make it happen. Colleen Lanin is an inspiration to all mothers out there. In the name of Travel mamas, she shows you how you still can take vacations and take care of the family too. From being a marketing manager to the founder/editor of one of the best travel blogging sites, Colleen Lanin has been super inspiring. She is not only a travel blogger churning out blogs on the site on how moms these days can take kids on vacations but also the author behind an award-winning book – ‘The Travel Mamas Guide‘. Travel mamas started in 2009 and ever since, the journey has been amazing and getting featured in many national commercials and magazines.

Want to be a travel mama yourself? – Get some pro tips from the Travel mama herself – Colleen Lanin on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.


8. Kristin Addis

Kristin Addis is a female solo traveler in the name of Bemytravelmuse who also loves painting, writing, and reading history books. She has always been a dreamer but one of the very few people who made it come true. After working as an employee in Finance for four years, she realized what she wanted and that’s when Bemytravelmuse started. Ever since she started her journey, she’s been to many global destinations and experienced global adventures. Being a solo traveler herself, she not only writes blogs on places, trips, and guides but also gives traveling advice to all female travelers out there, helping them become what many people only dream of.

Know more about her on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter. They say ‘You will leave your footprints wherever you go’ and this picture of Kristin Addis is so on point. She does create an impact with every location she travels to.


9. Esther & Jacob

Some serious couple goals all the way! Esther and Jacob own the Local Adventurer which easily made it to the list of ‘The top 5 travel blogs in the US and World‘. This is one of the travel blogging sites with the best blog statistics. Esther and Jacob’s work deserves much appreciation and you know what? They have got it too. This site holds many awards and featured in magazines as well. Their idea of traveling is simple yet amazing. They do not plan getaways or any kind of vacations but find a home in a foreign land. Every year, they travel to a new city and take one whole year to explore the city and the hidden gems in that place.

You can have a read of their blogs which would tell you a lot more about travel and how they make it all possible. They give you blogging tips, destination ideas for travel, and photography too. Find them interesting? You can follow them on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Bloglovin’ and Facebook.


10. Kate McCulley

Let’s now get to know Kate and how she started this never-ending journey of hers in the name of Adventurous KATE. Kate McCulley is one of the super brave tourists who quit the job and chose to travel full time then to a freelancing business now with teaching and consulting. It all started when she planned her vacation to Southeast Asia for six months when she was 26. Now having achieved a number of 83 countries across 7 continents, I am sure she, at the moment, will be planning for her next vacation. She not only travels but shows women how to travel safely and how connected one feels when travel. Make sure you check out her handles for some expert advice on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


If the above stories and pictures of these 10 travel bloggers in the U.S don’t tempt you to travel, what will?

Pickyourtrail is only a text away to help you take that first step to become the traveler you want to be. If you have any questions or in need of travel tips, you know who to reach out to. So, what is stopping you? There are many amazing vacation packages and travel blogs for you to have a look at. I am sure you could be on this list very soon. Don’t just imagine traveling. TRAVEL. If you don’t find time to travel now, you never will.

Only you choose where your destination should end. So, what’s your destination?


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